Welcome to Gemmrig Family History

These pages are intended for use in the worldwide research of the Gemmrig Family whose members today live mainly in Germany, Austria and the USA.

A Short Introduction to the Gemmrig Family History

The research of the Gemmrig Family has been done pretty extensively by different members of the family.

So far the name forms Gemmrig and Gemrig are known as belonging to the family. The name forms Gemmrich and Gemrich belong to the family too, which can be circumstantiated in the case of the name Gemmrich. Admittedly this branch of the family tree has to be examined further.

The name Gemmrig with all its name forms makes the compilation of the family tree relatively easy because it designates all descendants of a family originally coming from the present village Gemmrigheim at the river Neckar in the area of Württemberg. The family tree can be researched back the year 1453 A.C. - up to today there are 18 generations of the family.

There are following variations of the surname: Gemargka, Gemarcka, Gemarken, Gemmarcken, Gemmarckan, Gemmerckan, Gemmerkan, Gemmercken, Gemmerken, Gemerken - these represent the old notation - as well as the new forms Gemmrig, Gemrig, Gemmrich und Gemrich. The people with the surname Gemmerich do not seem to belong to the family as their ancestors came from a village called Gemmerich at river Rhine. In case someone disagrees then he should contact me please. I am thankful for more information. If there is a relation to the people with the surname Gemmrich de Neuberg or Gemmrich von Neuberg is presently not clear.

Countries in which members of the Family Gemmrig nowadays are living, are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. There is a rumour that one of the ancestors has immigrated to Bohemia. If there are family members in the Czech Republic nowadays is not known to me. I would be very grateful for information on this one.


All people whose surname is Gemmrig are related to each other as this name is really unique. People whose names are Gemrig, Gemmrich or Gemrich (not: Gemmerich) are members of the family too. Should You know someone who might be related to us then please contact me. My e-mail address is ruediger.gemmrig@gemmrig.de. Our family tree still has some white spots. You could help to close the gaps. Thank you.